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17 April 2008


Hi all the SBS17 sisters that have joined so far, I think I have had a peek at most of your sites, I will try and leave a message tomorrow for those I haven't left one for yet. Darlene, I couldn't get into yours I am afraid, will try again tomorrow.

I have made a couple of cards, one last night at Craft Club and one tonight, using some of my new bits and pieces I bought today :) I will put them up when I get a chance to take a good picture.
Off to bed now as its after midnight here in Gib!


Ginger - Angel 1427 said...

Just popping in to say HI to a fellow Sister 17.

Have a great day, Ginger :-)

Sue said...

Hi. I'm Sue. One of your new 'sisters' from SBS17.
Just wanted to say hello and to say that I look forward to seeing more of your work. xx

Marcie said...

Stopping by to say hi to a fellow sister!

Anonymous said...

Not sure why you can't get in but I am having trouble myself maybe because I am a typepad customer?

Supermum said...

Hi Sally, I have just joined the SBS 17. Just dropped in to say Hi. Great blog!
Sue (Supermum) x

Joy said...

Hi Sally I'm Joy and I just joined the sisterhood today and lovin' your blog, going to brouse for a bit see you soon x

Joy said...

Your cards are great love the thankyou one and that bow is wicked! x

Kylie...Perth, Western Australia said...

Hello Sally...sorry to take so long to stop by and say hi...I've been on hols. Will be interested in your feed back on the stampamajiggery doovy...I tried it once at a demo and it seemed helpful in a way but not (to me) something to evoke raving...maybe you can let me know. Thanks Kylie

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