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13 April 2008

Can't sleep...

Well I have been sat here for about an hour and a half :(
Can't sleep.....
I can hear baby stirring upstairs so may get her in a min. I say baby, she is 3. She is MY baby, lol!
While here I have been fiddling with this blog, checking out the DoCrafts site for anything new and catching up with Kristinas blog which is possibly the best crafty blog I have come across yet and believe me I have been searching! I have mentioned this before I think but check it out! There are videos, tutorials and allsorts including links to other great blogs! I can't get enough of it, its inspirational! I have adapted an idea or two to my own cards but WOW! I will never get to her standards! I hope to start joining in the Colour Inspirations challenges soon when I have the confidence but not just yet, lol. I also have different products so will have to adapt those, I haven't been able to source any Stampin' Up or American Crafts products yet apart from on Ebay. Can't afford them yet either but will try and use what I have through Papermania, Dovecraft etc... until I can.
I have a card I will try and upload to the DoCrafts site which uses DoCrafts products - I hope to get this published. I want at least one publish or as Project of the Week by the end of this year, which means I will have to work hard and improve my craftsmanship!
I have a wish list of items, at the top at the mo are:

Rubberstamps - any lol, but mainly expressions and phrases.

{Sigh} if only, lol. Of course sourcing them is the biggy, I (once again!) have only found them on Ebay, my local craft shop here in Gib doesn't sell them.

That will do now, must go and make baby her choccy chaud. Thats hot chocolate to normal people.......

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