Some cards and owls shown here are still available for purchase, if you would like enquire if one is still available, please email me at! I accept paypal.

I now also make custom made cards and owls.
Soon to come are frogs, cats and bunnies!

19 July 2009


Anyone else having trouble with the new Internet Explorer 8 and blogging? Its a nightmare, my blog works great on Firefox etc, just not the new IE8. Think I may just stick to Firefox or Google Chrome in future. They seem to be able to do everything I need without a sulky fuss unlike IE8.

Anyway in my efforts to try and fix glitches that I thought may be a problem my end (they aren't), I have managed to lose half my lists, groups etc, so bear with me while I re add everything today! Good job I print screened everything first and saved codes like a good girl lol.

x Sally x

Papercraft Inspirations

Papercraft Inspirations
This is my good mate Martine's cat, she is the one who has taken over the Craft Club from me.

x Sally x

18 July 2009

Wedding Acceptance

This is a quick wedding acceptance for a wedding we are going to in August.
x Sally x

Long time no see!

Hi all, been a very long time since I blogged! What can I say, life has been happening!! Apologies to all those who have been badgering me! I am back and look forward to posting my latest creations shortly!
Its now school hols and I hope to try and get back on track with the blog.
I will off visiting your blogs again soon!

x Sally x

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