Some cards and owls shown here are still available for purchase, if you would like enquire if one is still available, please email me at! I accept paypal.

I now also make custom made cards and owls.
Soon to come are frogs, cats and bunnies!

30 January 2009


I have a naked and empty house!!!Ahhh!
Still in 3 weeks we will be home in the UK, can't wait to go shopping!

x Sally x

27 January 2009

First digital scrapbooking layout!

Using Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist!

Thanks Sue for the pointer in that direction, I know have another craft apart from stitching that I can do while us and our belongings wing their way to London!
x Sally x

26 January 2009

Demo Night

Happy Monday everyone!

Last Wednesday we had a demo at Craft Club from member Louise-Anne on storage boxes for photos, stickers, whatever you fancy! They have a concertina type insides for the storage.
Here is a pic of some we made, they haven't been embellished as that was a take home job, but these are the finished basic box. They turned out GORGEOUS! Love mine! (Its the pink one!!)
I plan on doing a step by step photo tutorial once I am back in the UK and settled (well when my craft stuff has arrived!), so keep an eye out for that one.
I am currently Wi-fi-ing on my laptop from my bed as I am not too well, oh the wonders of modern technology! I will upload the rest of the room later once I can get down to the other computer and resize them from there! Was a pain on here as this laptop is different to the computer, besides being one XP and one Vista!
On the plus side, our belongings get collected go to UK on Thursday - Yeh!!!

x Sally x

22 January 2009


Had them out. Lots and lots of them. OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW.
Think that covers it!

Craft Club demo pics coming in the next few days!

x Sally x

21 January 2009

Sad news...

My craft stuff is all packed away. Sob......
Even the massive Madaboutcards order that arrived the day before yesterday, I opened it, admired its wonderfulness and packed it :(
See you in about 5 weeks wonderful, crafty loveliness......

But..... HURRAH for the Craft Club yeh!! I still get to play there twice a week!
Have now handed over to Martine and she has had a wonderful time spending the money on lovely goodies we played with last evening!! We have had a rearrange a couple of weeks ago and its a lovely friendly space now and much better organised, it also copes better with the huge increase of stock we have now have! It all gets used and played with too, nothing is out of bounds! Notice boards are decorated and up (Martines lovely hubby), huge filing cabinets (Martines DH again!) to cope with the abundance of paper, cards, cardstock etc. Lovely scrapbooking items, pens, ribbon, stamps, matching buttons etc for every occasion fill the shelves, there is so much to choose from!

I have had a great time doing all this and Martine is well up for continuing it all! We haven't had to ask for any money off anyone and its all been purchased from the reduced fees of £2 per week per person. I leave a wonderful place full of happy people, in the very capable hands of a treasured friend. Lots of new faces and old, going about in their creative ways - can you tell I am getting all emotional?? I am gonna miss it so much and all my friends when I go soon.

I am so glad of the day Gill made her double pronged attack on my email accounts begging me to take it over as she knew I could cope and had the skills to take it on, its been wonderful for both me and the club and I am so happy she trusted me enough to leave her club in my novice crafty hands. Thanks honey x
x Sally x


Not Crafty, but certainly VERY creative! If you like music, this is excellent and very funny!

Ladies and Gents, the 'Axis of Awesome!'
and the video version say whose song is whose.

Could listen to this all day!

x Sally x

15 January 2009

Home now

The operation on my leg is all over and done with now, at home and convalescing.
It is a bit sore :( but it will be better soon enough. It has to be as I still have a house to pack and leave this country to go to London!
Left Leg has 11 plasters on it!
x Sally x

11 January 2009

Awards :D & Shopping!

I have been the very lucky repicient of a couple of awards recently - I pass these on to all my SCS Group 6, SBS 17, SBS 27 and Sew Craft Blog Sisters! Cos they are all lovely, talented and amazing women bloggers.

One from weeks ago from Liza (sorry its taken me so long to put it up!)
and one from Louise today- Thank you so much ladies :D

Also today I managed to pack quite a few boxes, we are up to box 44! We have decided to do smaller boxes mainly this time just for the ease of being able to carry them! I have also scrubbed our freezer - what fun ;).

In between all that today I managed to hit the Madaboutcards site, they have their New Year sale still on and I thought while I still get my tax back being in Gibraltar it would be a good time to grab a bargain with my Christmas money (whats left of it!) cos its my last chance! Yes I had a fab time, tonnes of beads and buttons etc later... woohoo!

We have another lie in tomorrow cos Gibraltar have decided to have a celebratory bank holiday for some reason or another, bargain. I will take it!

Hope you all had a great Sunday.

x Sally x

10 January 2009

Busy packing! And a birthday card....

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo busy at the moment, sorry for not posting! I will catch up soon hopefully with my blurfing but have a tonne of packing to do! As you know!

We have the good news of a house, finally, in Greenwich, London, they are ripping up the carpets and putting laminate in for us as requested by us, which is nice ;).
So our stuff goes in a couple of weeks and we go in 6! Ahhhh! But so very excited! I may be having a little operation next week so its even busier than usual :/

We have had a rearrange of the craft club room to make it a friendlier place, sorted thru all the old stuff, binned the rubbish and added all the new fresh stuff! Relabelling everything has been tasked to Martine who is the willing new Chairbird! We have quite a few regular attendees now and its now a lovely friendly, welcoming layout in the room. I am gonna miss it soooooo much when I go, it is such a warm friendly place to be, I look forward to every Tuesday and Thursday, having a coffee and being creative!
Anyway! Here is a little card I knocked up last week for my sis in law, hope you like it! x Sally x

01 January 2009

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