Some cards and owls shown here are still available for purchase, if you would like enquire if one is still available, please email me at! I accept paypal.

I now also make custom made cards and owls.
Soon to come are frogs, cats and bunnies!

28 October 2008

Weddings Invitations!

A local friend of mine asked me today about homemade/handmade wedding invitations, anyone have any ideas or know of any fab sites to visit? Any info appreciated!

Creatively Yours
Sally x

25 October 2008


OK, don't normally do info tagging but I loved Tinks from Liza, so I have to put 7 random facts about me, hmmmmm...

1. I have amazingly talented children, they get it from their amazingly talented father! 2 eldest are in a massive production of the Sound of Music, 1 was head hunted to be in it and the other chosen and invited to a 'closed' audition from which she won the part.

2. I don't do cockroaches, bleurrrrrr!

3. When I win the lottery I will open a nice big craft shop in Australia and have make and takes, crops etc and spend all day, everyday there! Porbably covered in glitter glue if the truth were known!

4. I am a US tv addict, Greys Anatomy, Battlestar Galactica, House, Heroes, Desperate Housewives, The Fringe, True Blood, Terminator TSCC, Pushing Daisies, Californication, Supernatural........

5. I am a fully warranted Girlguiding UK leader for the Brownies and Rainbows Sections. I am qualified to run and be in charge of both sections.

6. I don't and won't lie.

7. I am a Gold Blend (Tasters Choice) coffee, Pepsi Max and dark chocolate (specifically Lindts Coffee Intense) addict.

I pass this on to............ don't know, choices, choices! Pop back to find out as I don't have time to finish this off now, lol!

Creatively Yours
Sally x

24 October 2008

Chrimble Cards and birthdays!

21 years young again, hope you have had a fantabulous day!

Here are a few more Christmas cards made recently!
These cards have used Peppermint Twist Die Cut Cardstock from K and Company, christmas pics from Pink Petticoat, ribbons, pearlescent card and Christmas reds cards, papers from Paper Adventures and Dovecraft Christmas Blues, eyelets (used with Big Bite), snowflake brads, snowflake punch, glitter glue, stickles, cuttlebug snowflake embossing on generic card, other card and foil cards from my stash.

I have also finished Annettes 40th Birthday card, and am very pleased with it! Of course I cannot post it yet cos its not her birthday for another month but its ready to go, lol.

We are enjoying having hubby back home sooo much (Big Grin!) and he seems to be not too adversely affected by his experience, thank goodness.
Also, we are now in the final countdown for the Sound of Music Production that my 2 eldest girls are in, they go on stage on 3rd Nov for 6 performances and also that week my brother in law and his family are visiting. We have front row seats for the Thursday night and we cannot wait!

Thursday mornings and Tuesday nights are working out fabulously with the Craft Club, especially Thursday mornings, its great to see people there! We have two great demonstration nights planned before Christmas, Christmas card stitching and Christmas Card beading of Santas, quite intricate but cannot wait! Also have reorganised the management - Sarah M. is now secretary (she stepped in last meeting and did such a great job!), Sue S is treasurer (using all those wonderful skills she has!) and Martine (cos she is fab and will undoubtedly continue to take it on to bigger and better things) will be taking on my role when I go! Just a few months now, so its all in place ready, less to worry about when its comes to moving, knowing its all in fab and capable hands!

Creatively Yours
Sally x

20 October 2008

Busy time again!

Hubby is home!! Yeh!! I cannot describe the relief I felt as he came through the arrivals gate here in Gibraltar. So, the kids and I have all been catching up with him these past few days!

My mate Gill has had her baby, a boy 10.5lb, Oliver James, found out last week, we celebrated that at Craft Club we had last week!

We are also up to the Sound of Music production, the girls are rehearsing nearly every day so its go go go!

Oh and we also have a wireless network set up in our house between the computer and laptops yeh!!! It has so reduced the homework fights!

Back soon to catch up more!

Creatively Yours
Sally x

08 October 2008

Christmas Cards! Again!

I am getting quite into these now!
For these I used Pearlescent Cards which can be found here, and ribbon from the recently purchased craft club stash, gold and silver card, Angel punch is from Dovecraft, chipboard shapes from Dovecraft Winter Wonderland and Contemporary Christmas, also coordinating accessories like sticky ribbon and funky brad which can be found here and here, the brads are from my stash, staples, basic eyelets are from my stash and the novelty ones are from Eyelet Outlet, and the grommets are from the collection that came with my Pink Big Bite.

Creatively Yours
Sally x

02 October 2008


Sorry I have been missing in action these past couple of weeks, hell of a lot been going on, but most recently have had the wonderful Bryony, Naomi and baby Elizabeth visiting me for 10 days, so we have been having a great time! They go on Monday so will post all the Christmas cards I have been making then!
Hope all is well :)

Creatively Yours
Sally x

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