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25 October 2008


OK, don't normally do info tagging but I loved Tinks from Liza, so I have to put 7 random facts about me, hmmmmm...

1. I have amazingly talented children, they get it from their amazingly talented father! 2 eldest are in a massive production of the Sound of Music, 1 was head hunted to be in it and the other chosen and invited to a 'closed' audition from which she won the part.

2. I don't do cockroaches, bleurrrrrr!

3. When I win the lottery I will open a nice big craft shop in Australia and have make and takes, crops etc and spend all day, everyday there! Porbably covered in glitter glue if the truth were known!

4. I am a US tv addict, Greys Anatomy, Battlestar Galactica, House, Heroes, Desperate Housewives, The Fringe, True Blood, Terminator TSCC, Pushing Daisies, Californication, Supernatural........

5. I am a fully warranted Girlguiding UK leader for the Brownies and Rainbows Sections. I am qualified to run and be in charge of both sections.

6. I don't and won't lie.

7. I am a Gold Blend (Tasters Choice) coffee, Pepsi Max and dark chocolate (specifically Lindts Coffee Intense) addict.

I pass this on to............ don't know, choices, choices! Pop back to find out as I don't have time to finish this off now, lol!

Creatively Yours
Sally x


Kylie...Perth, Western Australia said...

Hello was nice to catch up on your blog. Gray's Anatomy is one of my addictions too, though I don't havea television (on purpose) and so I get each series on DVD and watch it on the projector in one weekend! Sad but true. Keep well, glad hubby came home safe and well. I'll partner you in that craft shop in Australia too okay. LOL Kylie

Craft is a Blessing said...

Got your blog from CraftyJoy and thanks for sharing, enjoyed it all. Am a daughter of RAF pilot (deceased now)and born in Malta. My nephews are in the services and the eldest is also off to Afgan. Also a Stampin Up demo in lovely Cornwall, not long started. I would be interested in finding out about how you run your craft club, there seems to be such a need here.
Bless you lots. Marilynn

*Sally* said...

Thabs Kylie, I will hold you to that! When I come over there with my lottery winnings, we'll do it, lol!

Marilynn, thanks for getting in touch and sharing, we were in Cornwall before we came here, Ponsanooth. I will be glad to answer any questions I can! I want to do Stampin' Up when I get back from here and settled, will have to see how it goes! I just want to goodies ;)

Thanks ladies for your wishes.

Sally x

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