Some cards and owls shown here are still available for purchase, if you would like enquire if one is still available, please email me at! I accept paypal.

I now also make custom made cards and owls.
Soon to come are frogs, cats and bunnies!

30 April 2008

Challenge no7 and STAMPAMAJIG!!

It arrived!!!! And I don't have a chance to have a go today :( But I will as soon as I can.
Also Kristina has posted her challenge for this week which I may not be able to this week, but you might!! Gorgeous colours again.

29 April 2008


I have my Dad and Celia visiting this week, hence the quietness, but we (Celia and I) have been dabbling with a few cards. I have a lovely set of new See D's Dot to Dot Alphabet that she kindly bought me and the Bee themed set so we've been playing with those and I have been showing her how to heat emboss etc. I have made a couple of cards which I shall pop on later in the week when I get a chance. Celia also bought me a selection of card making items which will come in hugely handy and which the kids have been eyeing up!!
Got a hugely busy day tomorrow so off to bed now!!
Oh and BTW it was Steve and My wedding anniversary today and once again we are spending it apart because of 1ACC!! This is a mobile radar unit in the RAF, who Steve doesn't even work with anymore :/ Anyway, he is in Lincolnshire tonight instead of being here in Gibraltar with me.
Its been 13 years this year! Love you Steve and am missing you today especially, tho I miss you everyday x

24 April 2008

Colour Inspiration No6

Ok, managed to find 20 mins for a study break this evening to whip up a card. Its not great but it has the required colours! I decided to go slightly different from everyone else and do quilling.

Hope you like it. Sorry the pic is a little dark!!

23 April 2008

All OU'd out phew (wiping brow) & Colour Inspiration no6

Well I finished the ECA (end of course assignment) for S182 - Studying Mammals at about 1am last night and popped it in the post this morning, I hope it gets there in time, fingers crossed all! I just have 2 other assignments left to do this week - arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Tonight I am taking the Brownies and Rainbows bowling, should be a right laugh! I am absolutely HOPELESS, so I may just have to supervise!!

I think when I get back this evening I will have a go at Kristina's colour inspiration challenge #6 just for therapeutic purposes you understand... lol.
Here is this weeks colours, beautiful eh?

They are from this picture:

I love the cushions! As usual I have no stampin' up products as I am in Gib but I will have a look and see what I have and improvise! Watch this space tonight or tomorrow to see what (if anything, haha) I manage to come up with!
Wish me luck bowling - I will try REALLY hard not to drop a ball on my foot this time or a Brownie.......

22 April 2008

Tara's blog candy

Hi all,
To celebrate her 20,000 visitor, Tara is giving away blog candy here , mosey on over and get yourself in the running!!
While you are there have a good look around as she has some stunning creations that are truly inspiring!

20 April 2008


OK Alison tagged me! 7 Random facts about me required....erm......
Ok, here goes
1. I love 50's and 60's music (Earth Angel, Blue Moon etc). Hence, LOVE Hairspray the musical! Can't stand soppy jazzy rubbish. But... "Don't fear the Reaper" by the Blue Oyster Cult is one of my favs, as is Aerosmiths "Don't want to miss a thing" and Bette Midlers "Wind beneath my wings". Quite possibly up near the very top is John Denver and "Annie's Song" (Turn up your speakers when you read this blog!)
2. I LOVE cardmaking! I want to try scrapbooking soon.....I have been crafty for many, many years tho, its not a recent thing.
3. Monstrously HUGE Sci Fi fan (Just HOW GOOD is the latest Battlestar Galactica???) love anything like Heroes, Firefly (quite possibly the best), Supernatural, Farscape, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Sarah Connor Chronicles, oh the list goes on...
4. Tickling me makes angry, don't find it funny AT ALL!!!!
5. I am addicted to Pepsi Max and I love Lindts Excellence Dark Coffee Intense Chocolate mmm........
6. I had a blog started about 18 months ago but have been hopeless in keeping it up, so have started all fresh like!!
7. Can't stand people who think they are great and everyone loves them, talking loudly to get attention, cutting conversations short if its not about them, blowing things out of proportion so its a huge deal to get even more attention, this type of person "Owns" a friend and gets all jealous if that friend talks to anyone else, oh I could go on.....

Do you know I was worried I would find 7! Once I got going I thought of loads and squished them into the 7!!

I tag my sisters from SBS17, who want to only, no pressure, let me know if you do it so I can come see! I also tag any of the Gib crowd who've had a peek at the blog and not mentioned it!! (I know you've been here - especially a member or two from the craft club - wasn't it lovely this week?)
I you haven't got a blog but want to have a go at 7 random facts, leave them in my comment box!
Take care all x


Ok so I made one.
A Christmas one.
Cos its obviously urgent.
Snigger, shhhh don't tell!!!

Leaving on a jet plane (ok, nicked that line from John Denver!)

Well thats Steve seen off on the flight to the UK for a course for a couple of weeks :(
Big Sighs
Now I have 2 assignments to do and a house to clean :(
No card making today

18 April 2008


I just wanted to say that the Stamp-a-ma-jig can come off my wish list! Yeh!! I have one winging its way from the USA as we speak and I can't wait!

I just want the cuttlebug, crop-a-dile etc....... now. Haha! OH for a nice lottery win :/

Here is a card I made yesterday.

And here's a close up!

I also made this one at Craft Club on Weds

17 April 2008


Hi all the SBS17 sisters that have joined so far, I think I have had a peek at most of your sites, I will try and leave a message tomorrow for those I haven't left one for yet. Darlene, I couldn't get into yours I am afraid, will try again tomorrow.

I have made a couple of cards, one last night at Craft Club and one tonight, using some of my new bits and pieces I bought today :) I will put them up when I get a chance to take a good picture.
Off to bed now as its after midnight here in Gib!

Pink Angel!

Pink Angel or Tracie Jane is one of my SBS17 sisters, I have been over for a visit to her blog and wow, such loveliness! Including ribbon so THAT got my attention hehe!
She is doing a special little give away for her birthday entitled My Birthday Blog Candy so pop on over and see if you can be a winner!

Sisterhood of Blogging Stampers 17

Just wanted to say Hi!!! Big waves! to all my new found sisters in the Sisterhood of Blogging Stampers 17!!!
I can't wait to get around all your blogs and check out your ideas!

A little about me, I am 34, a mum to 4 daughters (11, 10, 6 and 3) and wife to Steve, we have lived in Gibraltar for 2 years due to Steve being RAF.
I have being 'Crafty' for many years, especially due to the fact I am a Unit Guider here in Gib for a Brownies and a Rainbows (baby Brownies) unit. I have been a girlguiding leader for quite a few years (I went along as a helper one evening on a posting in Cyprus and never left, lol :/ )
Hubby is unfortunately off to Afghanistan in the summer, so I hope to start scrapbooking a little while he is away to give him something to look at that is better than a diary of what we've been up to while he was away! I mainly make cards at the moment while I reaquaint myself with more 'adult' crafting for me!
I also study Health Sciences with the OU although I will take a break after July, as I have enough on my plate!
I find card making a lovely creative stress buster and 9 times out of 10 I like the end result!

16 April 2008

Color Inspiration #5

Kristinas colour inspiration challenge is up on her blog here and I thought I would have a bash this time!

These are the colours:

And here is my submission:
I used papermania products, and an old ribbon I found in a cupboard I was going to throw away!

15 April 2008


The last few photos shown here were made in the past few months and before I discovered how to photograph them better in natural light etc... So please take that into consideration! The pink best wishes and weave cards show how I am learning to use the natural light better and getting a better picture. Practise will make perfect and when I have a better camera I am sure they will be 100% better!
Anyway, off to bed now, its been great to see during the course of the evening the different countries people are from on the visitors widget, Hi all nice to meet you!! Leave (kind!!) comments, just to say hi :)
Can't wait to see your blogs so leave the address and I'll come on over!!

And more pics of cards I have made recently :)

Here are some more :)

Oooh some of the pics are a bit fuzzy, apologies!

More pics of cards I have made recently :)


I have changed the colour scheme to blue - my fav colour! I actually quite like it as I wasn't sure. I have also added a few extras this evening, a selection of my fav music and a visitor widget so I can see where the visitors are coming from and how many. Lol, its looking a little sorry for itself with 1 Gibraltar and 1 USA visitor but I must console myself with the fact I only installed it about 2 minutes ago so really its not that bad! ;p


Diana left a lovely comment for me about my weave card, so I popped over to her blog here for a peek and WOW! She has some lovely creations which include knitting! It has given me several ideas, but unfortunately I cannot have a go at them today as I have an assignment to finish, but I have jotted them down for later. Thanks Diana!

14 April 2008

Just for you weave

I made this today for a friend. I adapted the idea here from Kristinas blog where she did a weave card for her Make a card Monday this week, which once again is inspirational. I have finally worked my way through her blog and watched her videos and all I want to do now is make cards! Thanks Kristina!

Here is a closer shot of the weave, I had to use what I had available:

13 April 2008

My fav so far

This card is my favourite so far I think, although that changes everytime I make a new one!

All items can be found on the DoCrafts site or adapt using what you have:
Colossal Raspberry Champagne creative tones paper, gum bound 8 X 8 Code PMA318
Whispers Stamp pad in Grand Cranberry code 28119
50 A6 white cards Code CTO 100
Ribbon Collection 5m Baby Code PMA7514
Stick It double sided tape Code ST1 7100
Stick It 3D Foam squares ST1 4000
1/8" Eyelets red & pink 100pcs Code PMA 77033
Pack of birthday/celebrate peel offs Silver Code OLS 7007
X Cut Eyelet setter code XCU 800

More cards

This one on the left didn't have the tags or flowers on for a while as I couldn't decide what to do. In the end I used a Just for You stamp, some ink it up ink and clear heat embossing powder, then attached with a brad, then stuck a lovely peel off onto some orage tissue paper. The ribbon brads are just lovely. I have a thing about brads at the moment but I am trying to use them sparingly as I could really go to town with them! I also used little heart border peel offs and vellum for the spotty backdrop.
The other one is an origami shirt card I made for my dad for his birthday, very 60's and retro don'tcha think?!
Its so cute, I absolutely loved it.

DoCrafts gallery

I do have a few pics of cards I have made in my DoCrafts members gallery here if you want to check them out. You will see some duplicated here once I get my act into gear but there are also some beautiful crations from my girls on there!

Can't sleep...

Well I have been sat here for about an hour and a half :(
Can't sleep.....
I can hear baby stirring upstairs so may get her in a min. I say baby, she is 3. She is MY baby, lol!
While here I have been fiddling with this blog, checking out the DoCrafts site for anything new and catching up with Kristinas blog which is possibly the best crafty blog I have come across yet and believe me I have been searching! I have mentioned this before I think but check it out! There are videos, tutorials and allsorts including links to other great blogs! I can't get enough of it, its inspirational! I have adapted an idea or two to my own cards but WOW! I will never get to her standards! I hope to start joining in the Colour Inspirations challenges soon when I have the confidence but not just yet, lol. I also have different products so will have to adapt those, I haven't been able to source any Stampin' Up or American Crafts products yet apart from on Ebay. Can't afford them yet either but will try and use what I have through Papermania, Dovecraft etc... until I can.
I have a card I will try and upload to the DoCrafts site which uses DoCrafts products - I hope to get this published. I want at least one publish or as Project of the Week by the end of this year, which means I will have to work hard and improve my craftsmanship!
I have a wish list of items, at the top at the mo are:

Rubberstamps - any lol, but mainly expressions and phrases.

{Sigh} if only, lol. Of course sourcing them is the biggy, I (once again!) have only found them on Ebay, my local craft shop here in Gib doesn't sell them.

That will do now, must go and make baby her choccy chaud. Thats hot chocolate to normal people.......

And the last I am copying and pasting..

OMG I am hopeless, again!! Haha
Friday, Apr 11, 2008
Oh my, its been sooooooooooo incredibly long since I did anything on here, over a year in fact! So much has happened, the nasty teacher has gone for a start and the nasty kid, WOOHOO!! R is so much happier at school.
In fact R has just been chosen (handpicked, requested, call it what you like!) to be a Von Trapp daughter in a production of the Sound Of Music in Nov for Culture week. So proud!.
Sad news is we had to have one of our cats put down just before Easter and that my DH is off to Afghanistan for 4 months in August , yes somewhat worrying!
More recenltly I have gotten into crafting, cardmaking to be specific and I am hoping to be able to post some cards up on here soon and keep this blog as a kind of diary - if I remember as you know I am crap!

Cards! Copied and Pasted

Father in Law & Mother in Law!
Friday, Apr 11, 2008
This was one of my first attempts at cardmaking, not bad eh? Still possibly one of my favs so far, for my father in law. It was so simple, papermania backing and embellishments, some from Ebay and some hand made. He likes gardening and walks and the surname is Bees so all very appropriate!

Now this WAS my first attempt at making cards back in January (08)at the local Craft Club run by Gill here in Gib. What do you think for my very, very first attempt? Its a bit 'raw' and 'basic' compared to what I do now, as I am slowly learning. It was just made from bits and pieces they had there. Peel offs, embossed background (possibly by a Cuttlebug) and my favourite toys - brads!

My Inspirations (copied and pasted)

My current inspirations...
Friday, Apr 11, 2008
At the moment I get the ideas from the Web or my infrequent visits to the craft club (its on the same night as Brownies), but love the colours of the papermania backing papers, and brads, in fact anything papermania, I am just discovering ribbon brads and eyeletting which is making it all the more fun! I like to stamp, heat emboss and use ribbons ;o) its the girlie in me! Whats more my 4 daughters, well 3 of them, have quite gotten into it too! The little one would rather watch Roary the Racing Car, lol!
I love the Docrafts site and get their mag Creativity! I get my supplies from Debbie at Decorative Crafts in Irish Town, here in Gib, Ebay and who do an occasional sale and a lovely VAT discount cos I am in Gib so making lots of use of them at the mo! Hmmm just had free minieggs....Yum!
I have also just discovered Starofmay on Youtube and her accompanying blog Kwernerdesign blog, what an inspiration! She also has links off her blog to other FAB cardmakers and designers.
I also shamelessly steal my ideas from Gill, Annette, Martine and Sue at the craft club! If I see something they are doing and like it, consider it nicked, haha, hey the new girl has to start somewhere!
One company that looks wonderful is K&CO so will be checking their stuff out on Ebay when the cash is available!
I will be leaving my studies for a while while DH is away in Afghanistan and am hoping to hand the Brownies and Rainbows over to capable hands. I want to try and have a relatively stress free time while he is away so I can craft at leisure! Its so therapeutic! And of course R needs her taxi driver for rehearsals!

Getting started! Again, doh!

Well, just getting set up in my new blog, hopefully I will keep this one going, unlike the last one!
Talking of which it can be found here I will keep this up when I have time but remove the blog element I think as I have transferred that here.
I have already posted a couple of piccies over there but will repeat them over here once I get set up properly.

I am really hoping I keep this up now I have more interesting things to talk about!!
I will copy and paste the last entry or 2 over here otherwise the flow wont be right, so here are the last/next couple of posts!


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