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I now also make custom made cards and owls.
Soon to come are frogs, cats and bunnies!

21 November 2008

My handmade birthday cards!

My family all made me cards this year and they are just wonderful! Hubby indulged my little obsession (okay, HUGE obsession!) with Jensen Ackles for his and helped our 3 year old with a High 5! Card, looks like they all had fun!I am a lucky lady!
Creatively Yours
Sally x

18 November 2008

Busy evening at Craft Club tonight!

We had allsorts going on, card making, card stitching, jewellery making and beading, and fimo nativity figures!
And we had a full house! Great to see Jo, our community police lady has joined us again after last weeks demo night, with friend Leanne, wonderful to see Louise back again with her friend and another new lady Alison as well as a few regulars and returning newbies!
Here are a few of the 'different' things that went on tonight!
These are made by Louise, one of our newer ladies, fast becoming a regular, the father christmas head, christmas tree and angel are what we are making in our demo night next week! I am so excited to be learning new things again!
These fimo nativity figures by Louises friend (sorry forgot your name again - I have a brain like a sieve! Let me know again!) are just delightful and we are looking forward to a future demo on that too!
Walking on air today! With a thriving and happy craft club, learning amazing new skills from very talented women and a wonderful posting (can't believe how lucky we are!).
Creatively Yours
Sally x

17 November 2008

Oh My Goodness!!!!

We are posted! We are leaving Gibraltar after Christmas!! And what a posting! Hubby is off to Central London!
The shows, the shopping, the nightlife, the museums, the sites, the craft shops!!!!!! The everything! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!
Its the best posting!!!! We are very, very lucky, AND we will be there thru the Olympics in 2012!!!!!!!

Creatively (and jumping up and downedly) Yours
Sally x

16 November 2008

Please spare a moment

We have had some awfully sad news, a friend of my husbands for around 30 years, was in a vehicle last week in Afghanistan that went over a landmine, you may have seen it in the news if you are UK based, 2 marines were killed outright and an Afghan Soldier, with 1 (hubby's childhood friend) being very severely injured. Please spare a thought, prayer, love - what ever is your way, from your heart to wish him a speedy recovery and love to the 3 other families involved. We still don't know the extent of the injuries and daily wait for news.
This is what Help the Heroes is all about.

Thank you.

Creatively Yours
Sally x

Range of cards I have remembered to photograph lately!

I am getting quite into the stitching after a demo we had at Craft Club the other evening (what a SUPERB turn out for that! Loads of new faces again!) and have a couple more cards I have made which I will pop on here soon. Designs are from Stitching Cards - some free downloads!

We have had a Hive demo morning and a Card Stitching Demo evening and in a week and a bit we have a Christmas Card beading demo! So busy busy busy! Coming up we also have a Christmas Decoration making morning for the Kings Chapel (which can be seen here alongside lots of other Gib type pics), here in Gib and also the nursery Christmas fayre! Phew!

Creatively Yours
Sally x

11 November 2008

Lots of Show Pics....

If you are a friend of mine on Facebook! Go check them out :)

Creatively Yours
Sally x

07 November 2008

The Hills are Alive!!!

I am in awe of the wonderfulness that are my children! This pic is when they first appear marching on stage in their Sound of Music stage production. The 2 girls are mine, the boy in the middle I have smudged his face as I would need to ask permission for his face to be shown on a blog. I had centre front row seat!! The Governer of Gibraltar and the Minister of Culture have requested that they run an extra night as it is sold out and so many people still want to see it! They have had rave reviews and have been in all the local mags and papers. I am so proud :D
Their Stagecoach school went to watch on Tuesday to see 3 of their pupils in a full stage production (the little girl who played Gretel is also a pupil).
They have worked so hard for so long, giving up their outside activities (apart from Stagecoach) and it was just perfect.
I could go on, but I think you get it now!

Creatively Yours

04 November 2008

Opening Night!

The girls had their opening night last night of the Sound of Music and by all accounts it was a resounding success, with standing ovations! We have heard nothing but good things - we cannot wait to go see it, we have front row seats for Thursday and are soooooooo excited!!

Whilst they were being stars of the stage, I went to darts and we won 9-0!! Woweeee!! Good night all round!

Yesterday in the day we had Debbie at Decorative Crafts here in Irish Towns 'Subway' Craft day, so lots of goodies made and bought there too lol. Can't wait to try out my 'Glitter Flocking Powder' on my next Christmas cards! Chose and bought a few extra bits to put aside for my birthday in a couple of weeks (I will act surprised I promise!!).

Hope all in well in your world and happy voting USA!
Creatively Yours
Sally x

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