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23 April 2008

All OU'd out phew (wiping brow) & Colour Inspiration no6

Well I finished the ECA (end of course assignment) for S182 - Studying Mammals at about 1am last night and popped it in the post this morning, I hope it gets there in time, fingers crossed all! I just have 2 other assignments left to do this week - arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Tonight I am taking the Brownies and Rainbows bowling, should be a right laugh! I am absolutely HOPELESS, so I may just have to supervise!!

I think when I get back this evening I will have a go at Kristina's colour inspiration challenge #6 just for therapeutic purposes you understand... lol.
Here is this weeks colours, beautiful eh?

They are from this picture:

I love the cushions! As usual I have no stampin' up products as I am in Gib but I will have a look and see what I have and improvise! Watch this space tonight or tomorrow to see what (if anything, haha) I manage to come up with!
Wish me luck bowling - I will try REALLY hard not to drop a ball on my foot this time or a Brownie.......


louise said...

What an awesome colour combo! Can't wait to see what you come up with. Good luck with the bowling!

Supermum said...

Hope you had a great night bowling - and hope you joined in!!!
Sue. x

Sally said...

oh no, strictly in my supervisory capacity, haha! It was lovely, hectic, chaotic etc.... all bar 1 turned up for each unit too, so busy busy!!

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