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13 April 2008

And the last I am copying and pasting..

OMG I am hopeless, again!! Haha
Friday, Apr 11, 2008
Oh my, its been sooooooooooo incredibly long since I did anything on here, over a year in fact! So much has happened, the nasty teacher has gone for a start and the nasty kid, WOOHOO!! R is so much happier at school.
In fact R has just been chosen (handpicked, requested, call it what you like!) to be a Von Trapp daughter in a production of the Sound Of Music in Nov for Culture week. So proud!.
Sad news is we had to have one of our cats put down just before Easter and that my DH is off to Afghanistan for 4 months in August , yes somewhat worrying!
More recenltly I have gotten into crafting, cardmaking to be specific and I am hoping to be able to post some cards up on here soon and keep this blog as a kind of diary - if I remember as you know I am crap!

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