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21 January 2009

Sad news...

My craft stuff is all packed away. Sob......
Even the massive Madaboutcards order that arrived the day before yesterday, I opened it, admired its wonderfulness and packed it :(
See you in about 5 weeks wonderful, crafty loveliness......

But..... HURRAH for the Craft Club yeh!! I still get to play there twice a week!
Have now handed over to Martine and she has had a wonderful time spending the money on lovely goodies we played with last evening!! We have had a rearrange a couple of weeks ago and its a lovely friendly space now and much better organised, it also copes better with the huge increase of stock we have now have! It all gets used and played with too, nothing is out of bounds! Notice boards are decorated and up (Martines lovely hubby), huge filing cabinets (Martines DH again!) to cope with the abundance of paper, cards, cardstock etc. Lovely scrapbooking items, pens, ribbon, stamps, matching buttons etc for every occasion fill the shelves, there is so much to choose from!

I have had a great time doing all this and Martine is well up for continuing it all! We haven't had to ask for any money off anyone and its all been purchased from the reduced fees of £2 per week per person. I leave a wonderful place full of happy people, in the very capable hands of a treasured friend. Lots of new faces and old, going about in their creative ways - can you tell I am getting all emotional?? I am gonna miss it so much and all my friends when I go soon.

I am so glad of the day Gill made her double pronged attack on my email accounts begging me to take it over as she knew I could cope and had the skills to take it on, its been wonderful for both me and the club and I am so happy she trusted me enough to leave her club in my novice crafty hands. Thanks honey x
x Sally x


Michelle said...

BIG BIG Hugs for you Sally! I feel your pain! I'm still unpacking things for my craft room after it all being "locked away" in the cruel clutches of storage! I hope you can get it all out soon and give the TLC it needs! Hang in there! Thank goodness for craft club! LOL!

Jaspere said...

If you aren't crafting what will you do with all that time? *LOL*

Jackie said...

Aww, you'll be playing again soon! Hang in there!!!

Supermum said...

5 weeks!!! how will you cope, no stash'll get withdrawal symptoms!
Take care
Sue. x

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