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16 May 2008

On the way to Benalmadena

I had a hospital appointment in Benalmadena today - had my own driver and translater, how posh am I??? Anyway I didn't actually get to see too much of it apart from the private International Hospital itself and lots of appartments :(.
All the way up the coast its just building site after building site and what was obviously once beautiful Spanish countryside is now an eyesore. Cheap looking mass produced gaudy and tasteless appartments filled the sides of the Autopista del sol nearly the whole way from Gibraltar, the smaller once village type places - parts of which still struggle to keep a grasp on the charm and olde spanish style it once had, have just been swamped with cheap garish tourist tat. Such an awful shame. Anyone hoping to go to these places I passed on the way up the coast in the hope of experiencing the Spanish Lifestyle are going to be sadly disappointed.


Kylie...Perth, Western Australia said...

I hope the reason for hospital trip isn't too serious Sally. I see you have been busy last few days while I have been absent from the PC...some good posts. keep well Kylie x

Supermum said...

Hi Sally, hope all is OK.
Take care.
Sue. x

Sally said...

Its nothing to worry about, routine really. I am more worried about Spain sinking under all the concrete!
Thanks for the concern :)

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