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29 May 2008

Last night...

....we had 2 newbies, Yeh! Welcome to Liz and Eliza! So I had 2 to show around what we do - even did a Cuttlebug demo for Liz - I only learned last week myself.
Had a bash at Father's Day cards I haven't mine finished yet but will post when I do.
I demonstrated an origami shirt (that I found here at Madaboutcards the site contains a few free downloads too) and the cards seemed to feature a lot of washing lines and shirts of varying bright colours!!
Martine in particular (Hi Martine!!) got them right very fast and was most proud of herself - I can see a lot of cards with little origami shirts of different kinds for different occasions in her future!!

Back to the assignment :(

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Sue said...

Hi Sally,
Just to let you know that I have passed on an award to you. You can pick it up on my blog!! xx

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