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08 May 2008

Colour challenge and Gina's Comp

As per the last 2 blog entries (see the links there), I thought I'd have a bash. Didn't come out anything like I planned :( But its pretty and covers all bases. It does look better in real life.... The jewels on the right match up with the sticky ribbon just perfectly but you can't tell here.


gina said...

Lovely card Sally, thanks for joining in. Love that big ribbon and the flower :)
Good Luck :)
Gina xx

Samantha Esqueda/ Tina Ellis said...

Love it great work- that ribbon is gorgeous!
Pleaes come and visit add/ change my new blog

thanks your SBS sister

travelingmama said...

Fun card! Are you able to get many supplies there in Gibraltar?

louise said...

Fab card! I love the thick ribbon and your bow is GREAT!

Ella Bella said...

lovely work, the ribbon and flower look great. :) x

Marcie said...

I love that ribbon!!

Cathy said...

That is a gorgeous card - Love the ribbon and flower.

Alison said...

Pretty card Sally.

Kylie...Perth, Western Australia said...

Lovely glossy ribbon Sally. Don't know how you tied it so perfect, but if there is a technique you have please share :). I don't use satin ribbon enough and think it looks so nice...hmmm trip to Spotlight on the cards tomorrow I think. K

Sally said...

Kylie, absolutely no idea, but I did fiddle with it a little! Kwerner (there isa link on the blog) has a tutorial on her blog on knot tying so this may be helpful?
Travellingmama, I am able to go to the lovely Debbie at Decorative Crafts in town here. I also use Madaboutcards (I get VAT back too, which more than covers postage) and of course Ebay!
Everyone, yes I am really into ribbon at the moment!! I can only get the satin ribbon here, but have been looking on the internet for when the money allows me a little purchase! Lol!
Thanks for looking all xx

Supermum said...

Great card - love the ribbon and the flower.
Sue. x

Darlene Armstrong said...

Great card and thanksfor the post. It would seem I am now able to post and I think I have the typepad fixed so everyone can post.

Joy said...

that ribbon is so sumptuous, great card xx

Allison said...

This is that ribbon!

traciejane said...

Hi Sally, this is beautiful, I love the ribbon - gorgeous :-)x

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