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24 May 2008

New craft links

Just to say I have popped a couple of links over at the side there..... Stitching Cards and Time for Crafting, both of which I have been exploring like a kiddie in a sweet shop this morning!
I met the lovely Diane from our Friday craft group when I popped up to introduce myself and she was stitching a card, it was so beautiful and quite an art! I don't think I have ever seen any card so pretty before that was stitched! She gave me a personal demonstration of how she did it and pointed me towards a couple of websites. I can't wait to get started - consider me inspired!
Time for Crafting I happened upon in my searches on the cardmaking list , I decided to explore the ones that weren't on the front page for a change and came up with some lovely sites in the 50+ section - I thoroughly recommend going to the other pages as there are some real gems to be found. Enjoy your blog hopping!
Enjoy your crafting.


CraftyC said...

Hi Sally, hope your enjoying your crafting, have a good weekend!

Supermum said...

Hi Sally
Thanks for sharing, hope you're having a great weekend.
Sue. x

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