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13 May 2008

Boy have I found a wonderful site!!

Katydid Creations! What more can I say, its wonderful, its a lady called Kathryn from Austin, Texas who does easy to follow tutorials with pictures for those like me who struggle! There are free templates!!! too, so far I have discovered the Spot of Tea Cards, the Seed Packet Cards, the Altered Clipboard Advent Calendar and Halloween Countdown AND!!! the Accordian Gift Card Holder!
Well I cannot wait to go off and explore further - I noticed many more tutorials on the main blog itself, including a scrap page of the month!!! I may be MIA for the rest of the day, lol, I hope that those of you who haven't discovered her yet, do so asap, cos Kathryn's designs are amazing.


Joy said...

great tutorials! Thanks for the link Sally xx

Crafty Little Devils said...

Hello Sally
Great blog!
Nice to hear from other crafters in the area....I met Gill & Emma a couple of months ago....does Gill have a blog?

Supermum said...

Thanks Sally - great link!!
Sue. x

Sally said...

no, Gill doesn't have a blog unfortunately, she should because she a beautiful, lovely, talented and witty lady!
But at the moment, she is moving house/country, studying for exams (same ones as me!) and is very pregnant! I can't see how she will fit it in!

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