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19 May 2008

Community Craft Club & Challenges - edited to add more detail

Well this evening I went to the craft club meeting with my ideas written down and have left the new Chairperson! Gill the lady who originally set it up is off to pastures new (Cheshire actually, lol) and had to hand over - she begged me to attend a couple of times as I have a lot of experience with running committees etc. A couple of people volunteered to the committee and I was 'volunteered' up to chair by Gill, Annette and Christine! Thanks Ladies, lol. The night has been changed so I can fulfil the role and it doesn't clash with Brownies and Rainbows. The lovely Angeline, will be my main partner in crime, with the fabulous Jennie, Debbie and Christine in the other main positions.
Anyway I will do my best and heres to the future and a thriving club! It really needs to be turned around because amongst other things, one of the previous people who ran it left it in a bit of a state due to refusing to let go of the reins and practically falling out with everyone before she left!
Gill sadly, amongst many other committments has been struggling to hold it together after the mess this other person left. The committee will now begin the delicate task of trying to bring people back into the fold, trying to mend relationships and build bridges of these perfectly lovely and talented people who have a lot to offer the club. We are also on a recruiting drive! We are going back to being a Community Craft Club, where EVERYONE is included, if they choose to be. Back to the spirit in which it was created.

Unfortunately, this person has decided to leave nasty comments and lies in my comment box. If you read one and are unsure whether it is true or is just a vindictive remark, please feel free in messaging me to find out. Liars, trouble makers and attention seekers abhor me - I cannot tolerate it, especially here on my little piece of cyberspace.

Due to this I am now very, very sadly going to have to enable moderation in the comments so she cannot attack me at least on my blog - on advice from my/her friends. I am so very sorry because in my last couple of years of blogging both on this and my old non crafty blog I have never had to do this.

Anyway! I have spoken to many concerned here in Gibraltar, not one is in conflict in their opinion of what is happening, which gives me heart, thank goodness! And have voiced support for me should this go any further. I have not lied, or made unfounded allegations. The people who are involved agree.

I was worrying that I had done something wrong, or made a mistake, but have since found out that I am not the only recipient of this type of 'attention'. But whats done is done now, we will all move on and my part in this STOPS HERE, I will comment no further or be drawn into petty squabble.
All of us are adults and can make our own decisions on the matter.
We reap what we sow as they say.

Now for the FUN PART!!!

I am off to plan my first sketch challenge for this week (we also have Jennies and Christines birthday to celebrate!!), I will post the sketch here so visitors to the blog can have a go if they choose - there will be no prizes but I will feature a couple here on the blog if you like with links to your blogs? What do you think?

The Craft Club Committee are working on a few new and interesting ideas together that should are different and fun - I will share as they evolve.
We plan on doing a weekly (optional) challenge for now unless its a demo night and having a sketch, colour or embellishment etc challenge so everyone can try something new - edging them gently out of their comfort zones - using what is to hand, its fun and keeps the costs down!

Wish us luck and any ideas are welcome! I will make notes and put them to the committee team at the next meeting so we can discuss what is doable! What do YOU do at your craft club if you go to one?


Kylie...Perth, Western Australia said...

Congrats on your ... promotion ?? LOL...committees and groups are interesting that way. I am a member of a few car clubs and usually get volunteered for things...I look forward to doing your challenges Kylie

Supermum said...

Good luck, it all sound like great fun! Enjoy.....
Sue. x

Emma said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
louise said...

Congrats Mrs Chairperson!!!!
Well done on your new posistion!

Kylie...Perth, Western Australia said...

Chin up Sally. These things happen sadly but your mettle is measured by how you manage stuggles and doing so with dignity is always rewarded in the end. K

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