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15 May 2008

Expat blog link

As you can see on the right ----> there is now a link to Expat Blogs - its because when I read Travellingmamas blog (who leaves lovely comments and questions for me and has some very lovely work - Hi!!), I realised that I am kind of one too! I have lived for 3 years in Cyprus before a few years back in the UK and now here on Gibraltar. I am kind of a travelling mama myself, lol! In a few years time we hope to emigrate to Australia.
I didn't realise how close we were - Travellingmama is just over the Straits in Morocco! Give me a wave!!
Anyhow - I am going to include more of what I get up to here on the Rock as well as the crafty stuff!! It has an amazing history.


Supermum said...

Hi Sally
That sounds great - it's always nice to find out about people's lives as well as their crafty habits - go girl!
It's great that you are meeting people in a similar situation to yourself through blogging.
Sue. x

Sally said...

I know, its great isn't it? I am a right nosey so and so too, so life snippets always interest me!! Time to share mine back, lol!

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