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03 August 2008

Cards and goodies!

Here is a card made for one of my hubby's care parcels to Afghanistan, the sentiment inside reads "My love follows you". Used basic gold cardstock and the Papermania 'For Him' papers.

I had to show you this, I paid £29.99 for this! The bag and £100 worth of free crafty yumminess from Stamps! Both Christine and Martine got one too, but unfortunately by the time my daughter went to order one, they ran out so we are scouting around on Ebay and online sales for a bag and crafty goodies for her now!

These are simply adorable, I bought these for the craft club as there is a complete lack of big stamps, aren't they gorgeous? I think these were, also below are 'mini' stamps, great for building up your pictures and making borders. The busy craftclub ladies are having a great time playing with these! We have had a MASSIVE restock and got almost everything off the ladies' wish list so we are doing well! Now when someone says "Do we have.....?" I can say "YES! Right here!".

Also GREAT to see Sue Slater back among us! We've missed you! Especially Christine, I have never seen her so smiley! Hi Sue, Hi Chris!

Talking of craft club, we've decided to go all the way thru the summer, how fab is that? The ladies are enjoying their Wednesdays so much they don't want a summer break! Fine by me cos it gives me a night out a week for adult conversation while hubby is away!

A couple of us have really gotten into scrapbooking now so its quite creative! And yes.... Christmas cards have begun to make an appearance already! I have been asked to make up a few examples so the ladies can copy them so that is my evenings taken up this week!

I have also been busy printing off pictures for my next pages - beach and sea themed, we've been having a great time at the beach in the gorgeous weather we have so my camera has been clicking away for memory preservation and to show hubby what we've been up to!

Anyone who is in my Facebook friends list can see them in full as well as the recent leaving do's I have been to!

Its great to be back in touch with both Gill and Annette, oh how I've missed you! And Gill... you owe me about a fiver in text credit just for last night! lol! Wonderful having you both back in contact, we've been missing you!

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