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11 August 2008

Whats your personality?

Saw this on Joy's blog!

The Recipe For Sally Bees
3 parts Brilliance
2 parts Flair
1 part Bravery

Splash of Passion

Serve over ice

Not too sure about the brilliance and flair but bravery for standing up to bullies and for what I believe in, yes and passion, well that goes without saying for those who really know me!

I am passionate about what I do, whether its my family, friends, teaching little girls about loving themselves, morals, truth, honesty, caring for one another and doing the very best you can in Brownies and Rainbows or when it comes to being creative and running the Craft Club.

No amount of bullying, silly name calling or intimidation will make me give up what I am passionate about. Sticks and stones and all that!

I am lucky and humbled to have real supportive friends who know me, in the real world (and online!).

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