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10 August 2008

Is anyone else being bullied??

If you are or have had derogatory comments or lies put on a blog or website, about you, can you please get in contact with details on how you handled it, which solictors/lawyers/advice you used if any and other details you are willing to share with me to help me in my case.

Email me privately if you prefer.
Thanks in advance for your help.


tillymint said...

Hiya ,I agree that bullies should be sorted out once and for all. We forget that bullying doesn't stop once you have left school. In fact it gets worse when you're an adult as you have to sort things out legally.
All your true friends know exactly what's going on, I think I speak from all of us when we say, you're a great person Sally, there have only been lies written about you and we don't beleive a word of them.
We're here for you hun!
Love you bird!

*Sally* said...

Thanks Tillymint. Means the world to me that the people in the 'real' world know the 'real' me & know what is written is lies & is just pure spitefulness & jealousy. Shame the people in the virtual one, some of whom I thought as friends, some of whom have been emailed about me & 'warned' about me (!?!?!), don't quite believe me as they have never met her and know about her past actions against other people, not just me. This utterly fake persona she is using to bully me with is actually quite scary really, sucking people in. All ready to chew them up and spit them back out all broken!
Glad Gill willing to back me 100% as she is sick of being used, as are many other current craft club ladies.
Thanks bird!
Love you too!

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