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20 August 2008

Feeling a little better

Hiya all, feeling a little better this evening, hopefully even better tomorrow, the heat doesn't help I'll tell you that for nothing!! Thanks for all the wishes in my email and Facebook, lovely to know you care.

Anyway, dosed up on the old paracetomol tonight and went to craft club and glad I did! Jo PW rejoined us - Hi Jo!! Great to see you back and cannot wait for your enthusiatic input into the club again, it is very welcome, you can be chief organiser, lol!! Saves me a job, you can start on the messy pile of stickers, then you can move onto the papers, then the messy cupboard ...... haha! I have a tonne of jobs for you if you are up for it!!

Also, Sue was back with us again, Hi Sue!! She never fails to make me laugh and smile, great fun to be around! Always perks up our lovely Christine, what a great friendship they have!

I have been invited out on a cocktail night on Saturday, so babysitter is booked and the camera is at the ready!! Cocktails eh?!?! I cannot wait, I really need a night out and away from all the stress that is my life at the moment with some lovely friends, thanks for the invite Martine and Sarah! I think I will only need about 2 mind, to get tiddly!!

Here are 2 cards I made in the past couple of days,

This was for my good friend Eliza - just moved to a new home in a place I am very fond of! Hope to see you there soon xx

This is to welcome little Fynn Patterson into the world, his daddy is my hubby's drummer in the band. Both these cards are inspired by, then adapted from, cards out of Scrapbook and Papercraft inspirations.

Hope that you like them.

Just want to say Hi to Annette in particular, thanks for the wishes, I really miss you :( and thank you with all my heart for continuing to be such a good friend even tho we are now apart.

Creatively Yours

Sally x


Michelle (aka mybelle101) said...

What great cards!! Did you make the elements, or are they die-cuts? Love the house one especially, but then, I have an affinity for architecture of any type ;) Such a cute, folk-art look to them! tfs!

*Sally* said...

Hi Michelle, Thanks for visiting! The house and shoes are paper pieced. I particularly love the house too! Its a shame when you have to give them away sometimes isn't it? But then Eliza is worth it!
Again, thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Great cards. I love the one on the bottom. Glad to see you are feeling better. I know exactly how bad it is to be sick and caring for children on your own and I feel sympathy for anyone going through that. I hope your husband gets home soon.

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Cris A said...

Great use of "stuff" very cute cards!

Bunny B said...

Cute cards! I really hope you get well soon!! :)

Louise, that's me!! said...

I love the cards, especially the house with the flowers! Great new look on the blog too!

tillymint said...

Glad you're feeling better hun. I hope you have a lovely time at the cocktail evening.
Have a pina colada for me, or even two!!

Becky said...

These cards are just so cute Sally!
Love Becky xx

Loreen said...

Love these cards! Great job =)

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