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23 August 2008

Wehay!! Proud mummy alert! And Blog Candy News.

We had the WONDERFUL news yesterday that my eldest is now going to be in the Sound Of Music production that my number 2 is already in! She beat about 6 other talented girls in final audition to gain the part of Louisa, the second Von Trapp daughter! My no'2 is already playing Brigitta - the middle Von Trapp daughter. I am so proud, she was so brave. Bless, bless, bless!!! They have worked so hard to gain these roles especially my eldest.

Unfortunately as is the way when you are struggling on your own with 4 small children and your husband is away on operational tour in Afghanistan, I am run off my feet! I have been very busy as well as being poorly this week so I am going out for a very well deserved cocktail night out tonight with a tonne of friends (so don't anticipate doing much posting tomorrow!) but may post a few silly piccies later on!!

I am going to postpone the blog candy posting of the official picture and the chance for your second entry until Tuesday, possibly Wednesday evening. I am also waiting for a couple of goodies to still arrive that I want to include in your prize from Artymiss so don't want to take a pic with out them! They really should have arrived by then as they should have been here by now!!
BUT this gives you an extended opportunity to get your first entry in if you haven't already!

In the good news I am now back in the top ten of cardmaking toplisted! Yeh! At number 5 last time I checked!! I really must pay more attention and visit those other listings on the other pages where I found some really good gems of sites before! Kids are back at school on the 2nd Sept so dedicated surfing shall resume business as usual once the chaos calms!!

Hope you are all well and managing keeping yourselves afloat and aren't struggling too much - it will get better! I keep telling myself that!

Creatively Yours

Sally x


C said...

I can't believe how much your blog has developed - it's really professional. I can see why you get so many hits from so many countries.
Glad you are feeling a bit better- enjoy your night out.
Couple of crafty bits on their way to you - have fun!

Bunny B said...

Wowwee!! Congrats on your sweet darlings getting to be in Sound of Music! I love that story! :)

*Sally* said...

Thank you both! Looking forward to the crafty bits C!!

Joy said...

Congrats to your lovely girls and to you for getting in the top 5 xx

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