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17 August 2008

The frugal/tightwad in me!

Ok, not too creative so far, had a quick surf for blog candy give aways and came away with an abundance of inspiration as I always get side tracked and end up reading pages and pages of peoples blogs!!

Today we shall be sorting out the kids clothes for the second day in a row, threw a whole bin bag away yesterday of old, stained, worn items, have a huge pile for eBay/thrift shop/recycling/give away and can now actually fit clothes in draws again! How exciting!

I am a great believer of accepting whats offered to me, I think

a) Its good for the environment, recycling and all that
b) They grow out of it so darn quickly anyway
c) 1 have 4 girls, easy to pass down
d) Its cheaper! If it saves money, fab.

We have been blessed with 4 gorgeous, talented, loving girls and consider ourselves very, very lucky. BUT! With the cost of living these days and just the basics such as heating, fuel and food soaring in price at the moment, so who can resist a bargain, right? So free is a definite bargain in my book! Of course there is also the added bonus of having a few extra pennies for crafting occasionally and kids activites ;o) hehe!

So I accept everything - clothes wise - that is offered and with such a huge turnover of military staff in Gibraltar at the moment, there are a load of people leaving and discarding... so 'Sally I have a tonne of clothes that are bound to fit one of your brood... '(I have 4 girls and they are 3 thru 12 years) My answer??? 'Hell yes!, bring them over!'. Of course this leaves me with the mountain to sort thru!

Yesterday I almost reached the summit and today I plan on making it most of the way back down! I will contact the local Cat Welfare who love to accept donations, also the local Cancer charity (close to my heart), give some to other larger families on the rock and sell some (a portion of which also goes to local and Moroccan charities).

I must add at this point I have kitted out my daughter almost completely for her new school in September nearly for free! And considering she will be there for only around 8 months before we return, it's great! This is due to 2 wonderful women in my life, Annette and Gill! Both of them have just left and had daughters with uniform in GREAT and virtually new condition that needed a new home! Thanks girls! You have enabled me to be able to afford the electric bill!! Lol!

For those who are into a little bit of frugality - check out Amy Dacyczyn (pronounced decision) and her Tightwad Gazette, which I have to say is my bible for all things frugal! Especially muffins.......mmmmm..... It can be found on Amazon, the blue one is the complete one I have had for around 9 years now and can be bought used on Amazon or off eBay for slightly more. Amazon link on the right over there -------->.

If I do make it all the way back down the mountain, I have several cards to make, so if I am awake after all that climbing I will start them tonight! AND I know where the camera is today!! Yeh!

Later ladies x

Creatively Yours

Sally x


Holly Craft said...

Thanks for sharing your husband so he can protect all of us!!! Thanks to him also!
Holly (SCS)

Loretta's Blog said...

Thank you for sharing this with us! It can be a scary world soemtimes!

I have blog candy!


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