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20 June 2008

What a lovely evening!

We went to the Wok last night for Gill's leaving meal and it was lovely! Angeline made a nappy cake and we all got her a necklace for her gift, a beautiful choice by Christine which she loved! We had such a lovely evening!

Here are a few pics, some of which I plan to Scrapbook and send on for a 'Miss you' gift from us - so when the big envelope arrives Gill ( I know she reads here!), look surprised!!

This is a little joke tshirt for the baby - wearing his first souvenir from Gibraltar!

The huge nappy cake creation by Angeline!

Gill having a laugh.

Exploring the cake!

The table of beautiful ladies and great friends!!!

I love you all ladies, you been true friends and a fab support to me these past few weeks, I have really enjoyed spending all the extra time with you. The coffee mornings, creative evenings, extended chats on the phone and computer - long may it continue wherever we may be!

Next up is Annette leaving - that will be a night of booze and dancing I expect - I am wondering if Emma C's unhealthy obsession with my hubby and knickers will continue!! I am in groupie hell, haha!!!

1 comment:

Cathy said...

Looks like a great evening. Love the nappy cake.
Cathy xx

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