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25 June 2008

Almost free!! But getting sad & friendship!

I have one last essay to complete today (on Stress of all things!!) then I am free at last from the OU for a while!!
It will be so nice to have nothing on but my family (albeit as a single parent to 4 under 12 for a few months and alone, far from home) and the Craft Club!!

Its getting closer and closer to Afghanistan for hubby now and I am getting more and more apprehensive. Just a couple of weeks, then he is gone for months. It is becoming more and more hard NOT to watch the news now, with the violence seemingly escalating and worsening again. I just hope with all my heart he stays safe while he is there and returns to us in a few months safe.

I have been getting great support from friends who have been fab these past couple of months especially after all the unwarranted crap I have been taking recently, with the dates of hubby's deployment changing on an almost fortnightly basis and the health issues and hospital appointments to top it all. I just hope that nothing else happens in the next month or 2 to throw a spanner in the works, because that will just be highly unfair with all I have to cope with at the moment already!!

I have also realised recently that some people in this world are just naturally nasty, self centred and vindictive, using any means necessary to upset, manipulate and gain attention.
I have also found recently that most people aren't stupid and can work out who these types of people are themselves without any guidance from me! They make themselves perfectly clear to everyone.
I am learning lessons about friendship here, yes at my age! I have always tried to be honest and loyal. This wins out in the end. Now I have good friends who like me for me - not what I can do for them or because I demand it (which I have never done). Who support me and know I won't lie to them. Because the other type of 'friend' is the one who loses out in the end. Thanks Girls. xx

This weekend I have yet another leaving do, this time for Annette (one of 2!!) and this time GASP! SHOCK! HORROR! We are taking hubby's with us!?!?! We figure they deserve a night out too, bless their cottons!! We are sooo gonna have to be on our very best behaviour (or try anyway... Annette, Martine, I shall be watching you, (snigger))!!!! Once again I will take pics and hopefully the less risque ones will make it onto here! Thats if I am not too drunk and actually remember to take pics!

Has anyone else scrapbooked a night of drunkenness? I figure taking pics will help us remember the 'do' cos the alcohol wont! HAHA!


tillymint said...

I have lots of alcoholic drunkeness pictures on my comuter too illegal to see the outside world,let alone scrapbook them to show at a morning coffee! lol.
We wont take your camera off you on saturday and just take boobs this time! But we'll think of something else to take. Mmmmm the fellas are with us, I wonder??!! lol
As for friendship, I think in life you will eventually get back what you put in. The fact that you are getting some support from friends when you are down means to me, that you have been there from them too and it means alot.

*Sally* said...

Do you think we will need to make sure it zoom focuses really well so we can see what we are aiming at!!
I am keeping my camera attached to me at all times this Saturday!! I don't trust you! Steve enjoyed the pics tho, filthy boy!
Friendship. You are totally right. You get back what you put in. If you're treat people like crap, use them and walk all over them - well you reap what you sow.
Treat them with kindness and honesty and care - how you would want to be treated, you will get it back!
Love you Tillymint!

tillymint said...

Love you too!

louise said...

I have definitely scrapbooked some of "THOSE" It's great fun and loads of laughs to look back on.

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