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19 June 2008

A sketch & Exam

We had 2 more newbies for Craft Club last night! Welcome Vicky and Sarah I am so pleased! It was also great to see Sue back again!
We did the sketch challenge again, this time it was this one:
And here was the card I made:

I showed how to do eyelets and we discussed the purchase of a Crop-a-dile (Yeh!!) with the raffle money.

Also yesterday Gill and I had our exam for an OU course we were on, it was lovely as we drove down together, it was just us in the exam so nice and quiet, we kept each others nerves at bay (or were we just at the point of non-caring?!?! LOL) we both finished at the identical time, looked up and it was like "You done? Yeh me too!" Great minds, eh?? I hope I do as well as she does though, she is a very intelligent lady!

Tonight we are off with a nice group of friends for Gill's leaving meal at the Wok just over the border in Spain, she is into her last 3 weeks now and we are really gonna miss her when she goes, we have always been friends as we have so very much in common but we have finally been able/allowed to become really good friends these past few months, spending ages on the phone talking honestly over issues that have been forced our way due to no fault of our own, having 'coffee mornings' etc with some other friends and I tell you, its been lovely! Finally! Its a shame she has to go, but we will keep in contact especially as soon we will have even more in common!

I will pop some photos on the blog of the do this evening, and on our Craft Club Facebook group for those ladies who have access.

I also have a couple of pics to take of cards I made recently so will crack on with that tomorrow!

Take care all and happy crafting :o)


Kylie...Perth, Western Australia said...

Ooh that looks like a great sketch Sally. I have to go to the office but I will be sure to have a tilt at it this evening. Good news about your group, sad news about your friend leaving...but good friends are always with us, as I am sure you know. Kylie

Cathy said...

Great sketch Sally, will try to have a go at it later.
You have been really busy recently. Sorry to hear about your freind leaving - I am sure you will stay in touch.
Cathy xx

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