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19 September 2008

So excited ..

4 weeks today my gorgeous hubby is due home and 1 week tomorrow my Bryony is coming to stay for 10 days! After the week I have had it was a great moment this morning when I realised! I am feeling blessed today.

I have had THE busiest week, on top of having an absess in my gum high above a wisdom tooth and have been in lots of pain, even my cheekbone and skin hurt! I am on highest strength painkillers and antibiotics, then my psoriasis has flared up due to pain, stress and being run down.
But I am feeling much better this morning and even had about 5 hours sleep last night, which for me at the moment is amazing.

I have also had some news which shows how Karma works - I can't share I am afraid, but I do believe in and LOVE karma - its why I try and be as nice as I can be, helpful and honest. I have Girlguiding is in my life - so I can share good values and voluntarily running the Craft Club (ok, I say voluntarily - Gill has a lot to answer for in that dept!! With her double pronged begging attack, lol) - Craft Club has changed my life and grown my friendships in a way I never believed possible. A reward in return for giving a little that I certainly wasn't expecting!

Treat others how you would like to be treated cos life has a funny way of jumping up and biting you in the ass!

Creatively Yours
Sally x


Alison said...

Hope your feeling better Sally and have a lovely weekend. I have psoriatic arthritis as well as psorisis so I really do sympathise with you. Take care.

Joy said...

Hope those antibiotics kick in soon Sally and I'm so pleased that your OH is coming home soon that great new and I couldn't agree with your sentiment more xxx

Supermum said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, count down until hubby comes home!!
Sue. x

Kylie...Perth, Western Australia said...

Ouch psoriasis...I had it mostly as a child but still get the odd spot when I am running low on energy. You are right Sally about karma. I am glad you've been feeling better about everything...and I hope that count down goes fast for you. Kylie

Liza said...

Hi Sally, I would like to say a huge thank you for my blog candy - it arrived today. The papers are so nice, I can't wait to make something with them. I hope you are feeling better soon. Take care

Liza x

Sue said...

Sorry to hear about all the pain you've been having. Sending you a big hug.
Great news for you about your hubby. xx

ella bella said...

hope you are feeling much better now and wonderful news that it wont be long till your hubby is home :)

Tracy x

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