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10 September 2008


Had a great Craft Club last night and welcomed another new lady - Hayley! Welcome to our group!

Its National Day here in Gib so we are heading off the rock to Decathlon in Spain instead as it is CHAOS all day here!

Have a few things we need and as there will be very few Gibraltarians leaving here today and all the Spanish kids are in school.... we thought we'd make the most of the opportunity! My kids start back Stagecoach again next week and they've all grown out of their dance kit!?!?! Big sighs...

Its a bonus that there is also a HUGE Toy's R Us over there ;) might be gone a while, hehe.......

I am soooooooooo looking forward to a couple of weeks time when BRYONY!!!!! (HI BIRD!) is coming over to stay for a little (10 day!) holibobs with her two little monkeys!!

Then after that its just a couple of short weeks and my gorgeous hero of a hubby is gonna be home from Afghanistan! :) and OH I cannot wait! Gets me all excited to think about it! Only 5ish weeks to go!

Steve on the radar he keeps tiptop shape!! And yup - big deserty thing behind!

Both of these things almost make me want to do housework in preparation! Almost but not quite - yet! Lol, I am a last minute girl when these things happen!

Creatively Yours
Sally x

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