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06 September 2008

We Wish You A Merry Christmas.... a little bit more!

Well it is closer now than the last time I posted a Christmas Card! These are one of my many sessions aiming to make, easy, fast, attractive Christmas cards.

I shall make as many as I can and send some to my hubby in Afghanistan straight through the BFPO system, as the people taking over from him when he leaves will be there over the Christmas period and will need some to send home! I can send then directly to where they are needed, ensuring they get there in one piece, in time to be written and sent back!

This first card is a Printable Heaven copy with minor alterations.

This is 'leftovers' so I chopped a slim tall card in two and made two little cards.

This witty turkey card below is another Printable Heaven copy, and I absolutely adore it! Especially being a vegetarian!

If you haven't come across Printable Heaven yet, it the new 'arm' of Madaboutcards, which specialises in solely downloads. You can buy every download for £30, all 28 sets, instead of £70 at the moment! It has free downloads and free project ideas too!

Creatively Yours
Sally x


JAR said...

Such cute and pretty cards!

Board Members said...

great cards, the christmas ones are great and the turkey one is just too cute

Scrubbysue said...

Beautiful blog! and your music choice is great! In addition, your cards are so cute!

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