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20 July 2008

Care Packages for Afghanistan & Iraq

Thought I would pop some info in the blog about care packages for forces in Afghanistan and Iraq as I have been asked a few times now, its great to see so many wanting to send things to our menfolk and ladyfolk who are working so hard and sacrificing so much for our safety.

Anyway, THIS LINK will take you to Support Our Soldiers Care packages page which has advice on how to send, what to send, what not to send etc... There are handy print offs which obviously can be tailored to your person out there (my hubby wouldn't be able to make use of half the stuff on the list, but it gives ideas).
I personally send mine straight to my bloke and not via Support Our Soldiers, I just use the site for info.

For example I have sent: extra old/cheap tshirts, shower gel etc due to the extreme heat and sweatiness.
Magazines (not ones with naked ladies!) e.g. my hubby is a bit of a guitar hero so I send him guitar magazines, puzzle books etc due to boredom.
Books, travel games, things they can leave behind for the next guy in - I have got the 'Bourne' series and popped one in every other box, these I got in Morrisons in the 3 for £5 bin and know he will love them. Multipacks of his favourite crisps, I split these up and put a few in each shoebox to spread them out and give him something he likes to look forward to!
Nuts, gum, toothpaste, shortbread etc.
Nothing glass, alcohol, lighters or aerosols, pornographic etc, this link will help more.

I do put in some things he can share, like Doritos, popcorn, sweets and gum, as there will be single blokes out there who may not be receiving packages from home very often like my man.

MOST IMPORTANTLY DON'T FORGET A NOTE OR CARD!! Tell them you love them, miss them and think about them constantly, to look after themselves etc, GOOD news from home, general chitchat etc... I put pictures of the kids in, pictures drawn by the kids etc.

DON'T FORGET you can send as much as you want, ANY type of package up to 2kg is Free!! We send blueys, letters, cards, jiffy bags, shoebox parcels, postcards, all free and as many as we like.
They take anywhere up to 2 weeks to arrive from RAF Gibraltar to Camp Bastion via BFPO service so will not probably take as long from the UK.

If you go HERE, you can send an Ebluey, which you can add photos to, they take about 12 hours to arrive in your guy's mailslot! You can track them, they inform you when they have arrived at the mailslot ready to be picked up. You sign up, type the message and attach a pic if you are going to, then click send to the persons address (which you enter and save beforehand).

Hope this all helps those who asked as they have a person out there.
Love to ALL serving chaps and chapesses in Afghanistan and Iraq. You are thought about constantly and loved always xxx

1 comment:

Joy said...

Thanks Sally thats a great help I sent him an e-bluey. I have forwarded your info to my DD whos colleagues where she works are also making up a box to send The link for what send was most usfull I'd been trying to find that and couldn't
Wishing all our serving servicemen in Aghanistan and Irac a safe return xxx

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