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19 July 2008

Annette's leaving meal

Casemates Square: The lady herself Annette, loving and loyal, my extraordinarily supportive and wonderful friend. I miss you so much - thank god for the internet!!
I love you bird!! I wish we had met so much earlier.

Casemates Square: Dave & Martine, completely off her rocker and makes me laugh all the time! A great friend and support, couldn't do without you right now woman!

Casemates Square: My man - Steve, I miss you too my gorgeousness and think of you every moment you are away, don't get too much sand in your pants! xxxWok: Annette & Chris Wok: Annette, Martine & DaveWok: My Steve & Christine, my friend and neighbour xxx. We support each other and know we can call on each other - and both of us are allergic to housework!! HAHA!Christine and Mark in Casemates Square

Lovely meal and lovely friends for a lovely last evening out! Miss you bird!

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