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23 December 2008

Tutorials :D Post it Note & Pen Holder & Takeout Box

I was blurfing last night til 2.30am :-0 and came across Dawn. Oh My Word. What a wonderful woman. Uploads video tutorials all the time, I made this one Post it Note and Pen holder below, last night using THIS tutorial! Of course mine is awful for a first go but its a start! Dawns are just amazing, as is EVERYTHING she makes!!
I am gonna use patterned card stock and a simple image for my next one. I will be teaching my kids to make this today for themselves as my first one has been, erm, borrowed, by one! Lol!

Then I found Kristina had made this little 'takeout' box, below is the first one I have made using Berry Sweet Cardstock from KandCO and curling ribbon from Morrisons. This box has subsequently been stolen by a child, stuffed with chocolate and I have been told that that is her gift to Daddy! haha! bloomin' cheek......
My second box, a lovely golden one, was stolen by another child, stuffed with a Roary the Racing Car and claimed, bloomin cheek...
I then gave up making them for me and printed out the pdf pattern (found on Kristinas page) onto the reverse of lots of patterned cardstock and white card, where they proceeded get my stamps out and stamp all over the white card and then cut the template out, or go ahead and cut it straight out on the patterned card. Very creative! We now have a dalmation print one, a tiger one, beautiful flowers.......etc!! All made by kids that are 7, 11 and 12. The 4 year old is wandering around trying to steal them as they are finished off ;).
I am off now to have a go at more of Dawn and Kristina's tutorials! Where would we be without wonderful women such as these!
Later ladies :D, be good!

x Sally x


Jackie said...

They came out great...too bad they were *claimed* by others LOL!

Elizabeth said...

So pretty! So that notepad is for me right? ;)

Enfys said...

What a super project Sally. I just popped over to wish you and your family a very happy festive season, and a happy, crafty new year to you xx

Michelle said...

So cute! What a sweetie to think of her Daddy, and to part with her chocolate! You're raising her right! Really cute picture of your box too! I love that paper! TFS!

edward and lilly said...

I love the post it note and pen holder, what a great idea!

Kelly said...

The post it note and pen holder is adorable - great job! Looking forward to seeing more of your work through SBS-27. :)

my5bratz said...

they look wonderful, tfs

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