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16 December 2008

Had to share this photo!

This is my Rachel in another role that she is doing in the play Bugsy Malone, she plays Fizzy and sings 'Tomorrow Never Comes'.

The talent and adaptability of this child stuns me! She has such determination to acheive and be great at whatever she does. I really think she will go far. One week she was Brigita Von Trapp and now Fizzy, the roles couldn't be much different! Thanks to Sue Slater for the photo. And the chats recently, you are such a good friend and so incredibly funny, thank you x
x Sally x


Anonymous said...

Hi Sally,

Thanks for visiting me. Yeah, it's true I have been absent on my craft blog. Just been very busy and the holidays don't help. I had to move my craft room, the room was way to small and now I'm Ok with it. Now I think I can create and not be so frustrated. He! He! He! Just can't have enough of all these new things they come up with and because of that my haven is growing. I try to get rid of them but I just can part with them. LOL! You have a Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings.

Esther aka Prettyideas SBS #17

Jackie said...

You must be so proud of her! I hope she has much success and happiness in her career!!!

Michelle said...

Aren't kids just amazing?! It makes your heart just burst with pride! Way to go Mom, kids are a product of their home and she must come from a really good one!

Michelle said...

p.s. you're on my "roll" now too fellow crafty chik!

Ronnie said...

You must be so very proud of your very talented daughter!

Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous picture!

Joanne Travis said...

You must be so proud, and rightfully so!! She sounds so talented and versatile to be doing such different roles. Congrats, this is so awesome!!

Michelle Tavares said...

You are truly blessed Salls... nurture and cherish this prescious little star xx

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