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06 September 2009

On the move again!

Hi all
Not only have we had the huge upheaval from Gibraltar to UK again this year (YEH!! to leaving, BOO!! to the actual moving lol), we have just found out that hubby is promoted (YEH!!) and we are on the move again (BOO!!), but its not too far (YEH!!) and to a really nice place (YEH!!) and there are already a couple of lovely people I already know there!!! (YEH!!). There is a craft club, thrift shop, swimming pool, great schools, girlguiding and an amateur theatrical society for the kids. We'll get a nice 4 bed house as we have 4 children too probably not too far from the Sgt's Mess, so no long staggers home or taxi's etc from functions, lol. Its in the middle of gorgeous countryside, in a village but not too far (10 min drive from the nearish large town) and still 45 mins from London! Bargain!
SOOOOO it ticks all the boxes!! Just gotta do the move in November :(
Happy crafting peeps :D
x Sally x


Jaspere said...

Wow that is great news...minus the actual move part. YOu'll have to keep me posted about the kind of craft supplies you can find. I'm sure they'll be great and with a new style to them.

Louise Forsyth said...

Great news!!! Congrats on hubbys promo and the new larger house... YAY!

Joy said...

Congrats on hubbys promotion and hope the move goes smoothly xx

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