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19 April 2009

Sew Craft Blog Sisters....

These are for you!
I made these hats and flares for my husbands stage wear in his bands back when we lived in Cyprus and Gibraltar. I thought I would share them. They chose the designs, fabric, garishness and sillyness! So DON'T blame me for that... just following orders!
I did not do the shirts or the Elvis type outfit for the singer, but the rest is me.
Flared Jeans and silly top hats a speciality! Hehe! They liked to amuse the audience and it certainly helped them in being remembered. They were such fun!

I LOVE the Union Flag hat :D Proud to be British!

Enjoy a daft moment x

x Sally x


Jackie said...

Your pics are too those outfits! I can see how they would be remembered...tfs!!!

My Big Mouth said...

Love the hats!
I would have worn the Union Jack hat!!'
Great job on them,thanks for sharing.

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! Yep...I think they can be remembered! ;-)

Bek said...

Wow. Nice job. A night to remember too!

Joy said...

Is there no end to your talents! What fab photos - hope you scrap them! In an albumn of course! xx

Anonymous said...

This made me smile! Both me and hubby were in the RAF (me 17 years and him 15). I have some really whacky photo's just like these. We used to have a great laugh.
Your costumes look great, you have a real talent.

my5bratz said...

my dad would have LOVED those pics :0)

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